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Basic Drawer Organizer - Espresso

Basic Drawer Organizer - Espresso

Regular price $24.00

This is our entry-level drawer organizer.  Made from a quality 1/16" durable wood ply, it will help you organize socks, underwear, and belts, from a jumbled mess into easy to select options.

Custom Sized

We will build these for any drawer size you have.  Choose the size range when you checkout, and we'll email you to get the exact size after you complete checkout.  Then, we'll build it to the exact drawer size you send us, minus about 1/16 - 1/8" so it fits nicely.


We will space the compartments evenly, unless you tell us a specific compartment size you want. The number of compartments will be based on the size of your drawer.  In our experience, compartments should be between 3 - 4" or so.


These are shipped unassembled, but marked for easy assembly.  Think lincoln logs - you put them together one layer at a time, using the pre-cut slots to fit them together, then slide it in the drawer.


Pricing is based on the largest dimension.


Durable wood ply, unfinished.  This is our entry model, so its not as finished as the others. Since its unfinished, it could have some loose wood edges or pieces.  Probably ok for socks and belts, but not ideal for ties, as they could snag.

Each model may look a little different because of the different woodgrain, and because they are made by hand.

Made in Orange County, California, with love.

100% satisfaction guarantee in our quality.  If you're unhappy for any reason, we'll be happy to take it back, anytime.

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